Tips to Keep Your Clothes in Great Condition and Increase Their Durability


Clothes are the most important part of our daily lives. Often we spend a lot of money on clothes, but we forget to take care of them. When clothes are damaged, we have to throw them away, and it creates a burden on the environment. To help you keep your clothes in great condition and increase their durability, here are some tips:

Tip 1. Read the label before washing

Before washing your clothes, read the label to understand the washing instructions. Every garment is different, so there is no one size fits all solution. The label tells you how to wash the garment, the temperature, and other important information that can make a difference in the long-term.

Tip 2. Sort your clothes

To avoid damaging clothes it is best to sort them by color, fabric, and washing instructions. Dark colors should be separated from light colors because they can bleed. Delicate fabrics like silk or wool require hand wash or dry clean. By sorting your clothes, you can avoid any damage to the clothes.

Tip 3. Use a gentle detergent

Using a gentle detergent is essential to keep your clothes in excellent condition. Strong detergents can cause color fading, shrinkage, and damage to the fabric. A gentle detergent cleans clothes without causing any harm.

Tip 4. Handwash delicate fabrics

Delicate fabrics like silk, wool, lace, and cashmere require special care. Read the label to know how to wash the garment. A gentle hand wash is the best option for delicate fabrics. Avoid using hot water or harsh chemicals.

Tip 5. Air Dry

After washing your clothes, it is best to air dry them. Avoid the dryer because it can cause shrinkage, wrinkles, and damage to the clothes. Clothes need to dry naturally, and they will look better and last longer.

Tip 6. Iron with care

Ironing can be helpful to make your clothes look great, but it can also damage them. Iron clothes that require it according to the label instructions. Avoid using a high temperature that can burn the fabric. Make sure there is no water left in the iron, so it does not cause any water damage.


To keep your clothes in great condition and increase their durability, follow these tips. Taking care of your clothes allows them to last longer, saves you money, and helps reduce waste. Start taking care of your clothes today and see the difference.

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