Tips to Keep Your Clothes in Great Condition and Increase Their Durability


Are you tired of your clothes wearing out too quickly or losing their shape after a few washes? With a few simple tips, you can keep your clothes looking great and lasting longer. Follow these guidelines to increase the durability of your wardrobe and save money on replacements.

Sort Your Clothes

One of the most important steps to take to keep your clothes in good condition is to sort them. Sort clothes by color, fabric type, and washing instructions. By doing so, you can prevent colors from bleeding onto lighter-colored clothes and avoid damaging delicate fabrics in the wash. Always read the garment’s care label to determine the appropriate wash cycle, water temperature, and drying method.

Wash in Cold Water

Using cold water to wash clothes is beneficial in two ways – it helps preserve the color of your clothes and reduces energy costs. Hot water can cause clothes to lose their color and shrink. Cold water not only keeps your clothes looking bright and new but also conserves energy by reducing the amount of hot water you use.

Turn Clothes Inside Out

Turning clothes inside out before putting them in the wash is a simple yet effective way to minimize wear and tear. When clothes are turned inside out, the friction can occur on the inside which preserves the outside of the garment and minimizes pilling and chafing.

Hang or Fold Clothes Properly

When hanging clothes, use sturdy hangers that support the garment’s weight and prevent stretching. Avoid storing heavy clothes, such as jackets and sweaters, on hangers for extended periods. Instead, fold them and store them on shelves or in drawers. When folding clothes, use a flat surface and fold them neatly to avoid wrinkles.

Avoid the Dryer

The high heat of the dryer can damage clothes and cause them to shrink and lose their shape. Hang clothes on a clothesline or drying rack instead. If you must use a dryer, use a low heat setting and remove clothes from the dryer before they are completely dry to prevent over-drying.


By following these simple tips, you can keep your clothes in great condition and extend their lifespan. Properly caring for your clothes not only saves you money in the long run but also reduces your environmental impact by reducing textile waste. Start implementing these guidelines today and enjoy the benefits of a longer-lasting wardrobe.

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